Deluge Sandless Sandbags pack of 5

Deluge Sandless Sandbags pack of 5

We know flooding is causing major damages and disaster all over the world. We want to introduce you to our Deluge Sandless Sandbags made in the U.S. The innovative, self-inflating, flooding protection system is set to revolutionize the way you control damage due to flooding. 

Our self-inflating bags are for flood control and they also have many more uses by Emergency Managers, Government Agencies, Municipalities, Private and public Sector, Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities; Hotels, Military, Fire Fighters, Building Construction, Facility Managers/Building Owners; Public Transportation; Shopping Centers and Retail, IT Communications Companies; Schools, Universities, Children, Plumbers & Maintenance. 

Deluge Sandless Sandbags self-inflating, flooding protection system.


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  • Self-Activating Sandless Sandbags.
  • No need for Sand or labor filling sandbags.
  • Simply expose them to fresh water.
  • Absorbs 5 gallons of water & grows to full size in 5 minutes.
  • Swelled bags contain & divert flood water.
  • Contains a super absorbent polymer that holds the water.
  • Stack multiple bags to increase wall height.
  • Stack in brick or pyramid formation for increased heights.
  • Leave in place for ongoing protection.
  • Lasts for up to 6 months of continuous use.
  • Use through winter for thaw flood protection, frozen & still a barrier.
  • Safe, Non hazardous & Non Toxic.
  • Environmentally friendly & decomposes over time.
  • Storm/Flood Preparation.
  • Home- Doorways, garages, bulk head and other leaking areas.
  • Building & Property Protection.
  • Construction & Roofing projects- Holds back water.
  • General water or leak control.

Disadvantages of  Traditional Sandbags for Flooding

  • It takes two people to fill them (unless you have a sandbag filling machine).
  • They take time to fill.
  • Laying down sandbags is slow and time-consuming.
  • Sacking material will perish if left in place for a long time.
  • Difficult to place sandbags in water, specifically running water.
  • Sandbags are prone to leaking, even when well-stacked and firmly in place.
  • When sandbags come into contact with floodwater they retain contaminants, such as sewage.