Deluge Bags case of 15 bags

Deluge Bags case of 15 bags

We know flooding is causing major damages and disaster all over the world. We want to introduce you to our Deluge Sandless Sandbags made in the U.S. The innovative, self-inflating, flooding protection system is set to revolutionize the way you control damage due to flooding. 

Our self-inflating bags are for flood control and they also have many more uses by Emergency Managers, Government Agencies, Municipalities, Private and public Sector, Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities; Hotels, Military, Fire Fighters, Building Construction, Facility Managers/Building Owners; Public Transportation; Shopping Centers and Retail, IT Communications Companies; Schools, Universities, Children, Plumbers & Maintenance. 

Deluge Sandless Sandbags self-inflating, flooding protection system.


  • Description



  • Self-Activating Sandless Sandbags.
  • No need for Sand or labor filling sandbags.
  • Simply expose them to fresh water.
  • Absorbs 5 gallons of water & grows to full size in 5 minutes.
  • Swelled bags contain & divert flood water.
  • Contains a super absorbent polymer that holds the water.
  • Stack multiple bags to increase wall height.
  • Stack in brick or pyramid formation for increased heights.
  • Leave in place for ongoing protection.
  • Lasts for up to 6 months of continuous use.
  • Use through winter for thaw flood protection, frozen & still a barrier.
  • Safe, Non hazardous & Non Toxic.
  • Environmentally friendly & decomposes over time.
  • Storm/Flood Preparation.
  • Home- Doorways, garages, bulk head and other leaking areas.
  • Building & Property Protection.
  • Construction & Roofing projects- Holds back water.
  • General water or leak control.

Disadvantages of  Traditional Sandbags for Flooding

  • It takes two people to fill them (unless you have a sandbag filling machine).
  • They take time to fill.
  • Laying down sandbags is slow and time-consuming.
  • Sacking material will perish if left in place for a long time.
  • Difficult to place sandbags in water, specifically running water.
  • Sandbags are prone to leaking, even when well-stacked and firmly in place.
  • When sandbags come into contact with floodwater they retain contaminants, such as sewage.